The CFPA is for mentorship, learning, friendship and fun. This is simply a way to keep in touch & hear about things we're doing and accomplishing.

We can provide information on things like, um, mastering the piddle pack, or the lovely women's "big hip" flight suit with the extra long zipper. The piddle pack and poopie suit alone warrant a support group!

Our goals include: 1) Encourage and strengthen mutual support in our unique environment 2) Help each other succeed, and 3) Provide a professional and social network for women in fighters.

We are a small group, but the point of the CFPA is not to set ourselves apart. We are, first and foremost, Fighter Pilots.
That's our priority.


An F-15E WSO and her pilot about to taxi

Refueling - an important part of a fighter
pilot's mission

AF F-16 pilot flying over the Pacific.


Here's a Toast

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends, family and squadron mates of the first French female fighter pilot, Major Caroline Aigle. She died of cancer on August 21st at the age of 32.

Major Aigle (Eagle in French...) was rated as fighter pilot in 1999 and served in that specialty until last year, logging 1.600 hours mainly on Mirage 2000. In the same time, she managed to be the mother of two babies, the last one born some weeks before her death. After a spell in a headquarters, she was due to take command of a squadron next year.